Car Rental In Norway

Driving through Norway is probably one of the best ways to experience the country. Most countryside roads can be considered scenic and some of the roads provide views to the most picturesque locations the country has to offer.

All the roads, connecting small and large cities and communities, are of good quality and very easy to navigate. Unfortunately however, when you are traveling to Norway on a budget, renting a car might not be the best option. If you do decide to rent a car in Norway, there a few things you should know.

Credit: Xdmag Flickr
Credit: Xdmag Flickr

Renting a car for one week costs approximately 3500kr (about $580)

For example, if you rent a car through EuropCar (, and pick it up at Oslo Airport:

  • A budget car will cost you about 2800kr ($470).
  • A ¬†Compact car will cost you about 3150kr ($525)
  • A Standard car will cost you about 3846kr ($641)

(Prices include insurance, which is recommended)

The price may vary depending on your age. Most companies add a additional charge of about 100kr if you are under 25 years, which is quite normal with car rental globally.

Other companies that rent out cars are: Avis, Hertz and Alamo.

The prices are usually not significantly different, but it is worth doing some quick price research to see whether the rental companies differ in price on the dates that you are planning to rent.

Its also a good idea to book the rental car some time in advance of your trip, as the pick up location may actually be “out of cars”. This is normally not a problem, but a general rule would be to book the car at least a few days before picking it up.


Rules and regulations

There are no unique regulations or rules for renting a car in Norway. You must hold a valid drivers license, and be at least 18 years old. Most rental companies require that you have held a license for at least one year.

A drivers license from your home country will most likely not be a problem, but an international license  is preferable. If you are from a country within the EU you definitely do not need an international license.

Trafic rules are not very different from most other countries. Signs are clear and roads are generally well-marked.

Credit: Myszysz Flickr
Credit: Myszysz Flickr


The speed limits are generally either 50km/h or 80km/h depending on if your driving through populated areas or not. Highways are 90 or 100km/h, and inner-city limits are usually either 30, 40 or 50km/h.

Following the speed limits and other traffic rules is highly recommended if you want to keep your budget within its limits.A single speeding ticket can easily costs you more than the one week car rental. Talking in your cell phone, texting or driving without a seat belt will also lead to high tickets if caught.


Driving routes

As mentioned, there are many scenic roads to take when driving through Norway. Even the routes between larger cities, such as a drive from Stavanger – Oslo (via the south coast), will provide excellent views and sights. For more information about driving/travel routes go to the section “Travel routes” in the menu.

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