Buses In Norway

Local busses

Norway has a very good local and inter-city bus service. There are several different bus companies operation in the different areas. Local buses in the big cities normally cost around 30 kr and you can get around almost all areas easily. Tickets are bought on the bus in most cities but in Oslo they are bought in advance for buses and trams in automats and kiosks. In Oslo you can also buy travel passes for multiple uses which can save you money if you intend to use public transport a lot.

To find specific departure times, bus routes and stops, check out the websites below. They also include trams, underground trains and ferries. The Oslo site also provides information about travel cards that allow unlimited travel on all the Oslo public transport. Check the prices and conditions to find what’s best for you.


Inter city busses

There are several bus companies that offer affordable inter-city bus travel in most parts of Norway.  Most offer group, student and senior discounts and travel at reduced prices for children.

Nor-way bussekspressen covers almost all of the country and you can save money by buying your tickets online, 24 hours in advance at the latest. Their buses are both comfortable and efficient. Not only is this a comfortable, convenient and affordable choice, it is also a wonderful way of seeing and experiencing amazing scenery, as almost all the stretches offer views of fantastic nature.

Nor-way also offers a special summer discount for adults travelling with a child between the age of 4 and 15 that lets the child travel for only 20% of the price of an adult ticket. Check out their site (which is also in English) for detailed information on prices and routes.

Nor-way: http://www.nor-way.no/

Nettbuss : http://www.nettbuss.no/rutetilbud/ekspressbuss/nettbuss-express

Another company that operates inter-city buses is Nettbus/Bus4You. Their buses are even more comfortable and their seats more spacious than those of the Nor-Way buses. The prices are fairly similar but the tickets have to be bought online. They also operate in fewer parts of the country and mainly in the South West. Their website is: www.nettbuss.no

The ticket prices for both bus companies vary depending on what day you wish to travel. Weekends are typically more expensive and certain departure times are more popular – and therefore more expensive, than others.


Airport busses

Airport buses are a great way to save money going to or from any Norwegian airport. The airport bus will take you to the city centre and stop at a few other stops on the way from the airport.

The price varies from city to city but is normally around 100 NOK for a one way ticket. It is always a good idea to buy a return ticket if you are going back to the airport as this will save you quite a lot of money.

Most of the airport buses offer student, child and senior discounts. Bring your proof of ID/student card to obtain the relevant discount. Taxis in Norway are VERY expensive and as a comparison a taxi ride from Stavanger city centre to the airport is approximately 500 NOK, whereas the airport bus is 100 NOK for a regular one way ticket. To check departure times and rates for the airport buses in the biggest cities please go to:  www.flybussen.no

In most cities there are also local busses close to the airport which you can use as an alternative to the airport busses. The local busses are cheaper but they do not depart as frequently and they are not located directly outside of the airport.

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