Boats and Ferries

Norway has a nearly 111.000 km long coastline and as a result ferries and boats are popular means of transportation.

Passenger and car ferries operate both locally, between the mainland cities and communes and the nearby islands, and also on longer distances like between Bergen and Kirkenes. Operating the above mentioned stretch is Hurtigruten, a popular ship that combines cargo, local transportation and tourist cruises.

You can board and get off this ship at any port you wish along the West Coast (from Bergen in the South to Kirkenes in the far North). It offers splendid views of the coast-line, quality dining and comfortable cabins. You can also choose to just be on the ship for a day and not pay for the cabin. This way of doing it will naturally save you some money.

Whether you wish to explore the many islands off the coast of Norway or get from one coastal city to another, travel by boat is a great way of experiencing the wonderful coastal scenery. You can save some money on choosing to go by ‘local’ ferries, the ones intended for transport only, rather than the tourist-aimed mini-cruises that take you up and down the surrounding fjords.

Always check with the hotel you’re staying in or with the tourist information in the relevant city to find out whether there are local boats that can take you to some of the same areas as the tourist-cruises.

To look for special offers on the Hurtigruten and to check rates for your desired destination please go to:

To check almost all the local ferry-times in most parts of the country go to:

There is also some more information about departure times under Busses in Norway

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