Budget Things To Do in Stavanger

The Stavanger museums charge a pretty hefty entrance fee.  So to enjoy free activites in Stavanger you best look to the great outdoors! About 15-20 minutes south of Stavanger you can find several amazing beaches and a short ferry (+ bus) ride from town you find Lysefjorden with its world famous Pulpit Rock.


Old Stavanger:

Old Stavanger, Credit: Tacker Flickr
Old Stavanger, Credit: Tacker Flickr


In the center of town, right by the harbour, lies the picturesque and historical Old Stavanger. It is a small area with small white painted wooden houses. In this area you also find The canning museum, which offers discounted rates (40 NOK) for students and seniors. If you don’t wish to spend any money at all, a stroll around this beautiful neighbourhood is good enough in itself.


The Jæren- beaches

The vast sandy beaches of Jæren and Sola are definitely worth a visit. If the weather is nice, pack a picnic and bring your swimwear or head out for a walk or maybe even a surf! There are regular local buses leaving from Stavanger to Sola. A trip to one of the beaches is a perfect activity if you’re exploring Norway on a budget!


Godalen and Vaulen.

A 15-20 minute walk from town you find the lovely Godalen. It is a bay consisting of several little pebble beaches and green areas for summer sports, barbequing and if the temperatures permit – swimming. Vaulen is a similar place and very popular with Stavanger people in summer. There are several buses going from town past Vaulen and it won’t cost you more than 30 NOK to get there.


Prekestolen/Pulpit Rock

Pulpit rock, Credit: L.C.Nøttaasen
Pulpit rock, Credit: L.C.Nøttaasen


Visiting the Pulpit Rock can be cheaper than you might expect. Take the local ferry from Stavanger to Tau for 46 NOK for an adult. The bus from Tau to the Pulpit Rock base is 160 for a return ticket. Bring your own food and drinks as the prices on the ferry and the kiosk at the Pulpit Rock base are VERY high.


Museums in Stavanger

If you plan on visiting several museums in Stavanger during your stay you can benefit from buying the MUSTpass. This is a ticket that allows you to visit all the museums you want for 4 days (from the day you purchase it). The prices are:

Family: 250 NOK
Adult: 100 NOK
Child/Student/Senior: 50 NOK
To read more about the pass and about the different museums in the Stavanger region, please visit: http://www.museumstavanger.no/visit-us/tickets/

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