Budget Example: 1 Week

Here is an example of a budget / costs for a 1 week vacation in Norway for 2 people

  • Your flight into Oslo is not included in the budget
  • The trip example includes Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger
  • The example includes flights, train and bus travel
  • The example includes food and drinks, activities and accommodation

1. Oslo 2 days and nights

  • You land at Gardemoen airport and take the airport bus into Oslo city center – Order online the same day and get your tickets for: 125kr for adults, students/senior/child 65kr. (You save about 20-25kr per ticket by ordering online)
  • 2 Nights accommodation from Airbnb (read more about Airbnb in Norway here): In our example an apartment in Storgata (Oslo city center), 1 bedroom, double bed. 655kr per night.
  • Activities in Oslo within walking distance (some taken from our free things to do in Oslo list): Take a walk down Karl Johan / City center, Vigelandsparken, the national arts gallery, Akershus festning (national defense museum), Aker brygge (pier) and the Opera building. All these activities are free.
  • Bus/tram/metro/ferry 24 hour pass: 80kr
  • Food and drinks: The Airbnb apartment has a kitchen, so all meals in our budget except one are made in the apartment with food bought from grocery stores. 3 meals per day, 2x breakfast, 1x dinner, 2x evening meals.
  • Groceries for simple spaghetti bolognese for 2 people: 80kr, 2 bread, cheese, ham, pesto (other condiment): 180kr
  • Eating out once: Café Elias Mat og Sånt (offers traditional Norwegian food): 2 mains and 2 non alcoholic drinks: 500kr
  • Two visits to local cafes: 4x coffee/tee: 120kr

Sum Oslo: 2520kr (1260 per person)

2. Bergen 2 days and nights

  • Transportation by train from Oslo to Bergen (read more here): “Minipris”: 249kr per person
  • You arrive by train in the City center and will have no need for transportation during your stay
  • Accommodation: Marken Gjestehus (read more here) 210kr (per person per day in a dorm): 840kr
  • Activities (some from the free things to do in Bergen list): Visit the UNESCO site Hanseatic Warf at the Bergen pier, Walk around Sandviken and Nordnes, take the funicular up to Fløyen (40kr per person) and walk down or walk from Fløyen to Ulrikken and take the tramway down from Ulrikken (80kr per person, includes bus back to city center).
  • Food and drinks: Groceries for breakfast and evening meals: 200kr.
  • Eating out, dinner for two days: Naboen (basement) Restaurant (norwegian food)  and Zupperia Restaurant: About 700kr total.
  • Eating out, lunch one day: Søstrene hagelin (Fish soup, Bergen specialty): About 100kr

Sum Bergen: 2578kr (1289kr per person)

3. Stavanger 2 days and nights

  • Transportation by bus from Bergen to Stavanger: 369kr per person (Nettbus.no).
  • Accommodation: Airbnb Stavanger, centrally located apartment: 442kr per night.
  • Activities: Pulpit Rock. Bus + Ferry roundtrip: 250kr per person. (whole day trip, 4hour hike)
  • Activities: Walk around in the city center, old Stavanger and visit Domkirke (Cathedral): Free
  • Food and drinks: Groceries for breakfast and evening meals + 1 dinner: 300kr
  • Eating out, dinner one day: Cafe Sting Restaurant: About 350kr for two persons
  • Flight from Stavanger to Oslo one way: About 300kr per person

Sum Stavanger and Oslo flight: 3372kr (1686kr per person)


Total cost for 1 week in Norway, visiting three cities: 8470kr (4235kr per person)

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