Budget Restaurants in Bergen

Here are some good budget restaurants in Bergen:


Naboen:  This centrally loctaed restaurant serves generous portions of great food at surprisingly low prices. For instance you get a large portion a lovely Swedish meatballs for just under 100NOK. The menu is typically Nordic with some standard bar-food items. Naboen also has a wide selection of Norwegian and international beer and they even have their own micro brewery. The restaurant has two floors with separate menus and the most budget friendly is downstairs. The place attracts a lot of students and is normally very busy all week.

Location: Neumanns gate 20


Café Spesial: Good food at low prices. Big hit with the students. Menu conists of pizzas, pastas and middle eastern inspired dishes at around an average of 150 NOK.

Location: Christies gate 13

Fishsoup, Credit: Cyclonebill Flickr
Fishsoup, Credit: Cyclonebill Flickr


Brød og vin: At the same address as Spesial you can find Brød og vin. This place has  almost become an institution for students due to its unusually low prices and convenient location a few minutes walk from the university. Cheap chinese of mediocre quality and the cheapest beer in town.

Location: Christies gate 13


Søstrene Hagelin sells traditional Norwegian fish dishes that are easy to eat in or take out. You can get a small bowl of fish soup for 35 NOK (take away) or fish cakes for 9 NOK a piece. This place is very popular with both locals and tourists. The food is simple, healthy and good quality! Perfect if you want a good but cheap meal in Bergen.

Location: Strandgaten 3 (just off torgalmenningen at the end near the fish market)


Hot Wok: offers mainly Asian dishes at very reasonable prices (108 NOK for a main if you’re eating in and 98NOK for a take-out). They also do pizzas for less than 100. They have a lunch menu (12-5 pm) which features their most popular dishes at reduced price (68NOK) for a slightly smaller portion. This place is favorite with the local students.

Location: Vestre Torggate 1

Phone: (+47) 55 21 85 88


Trekroneren: This little hot dog stand sells amazing hot dogs at a fair price. The hot dogs are large and very filling and they have a great selection including chorizo, garlic and herb sausages, sausages made from game meat etc. Stop by for a late night snack or a great lunch on the go. The biggest hot dogs are priced at around 50-60 NOK

Location: The start of Kong Oscars gate (the end closest to Bryggen)

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